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DeTar Music Studios offers individual instruction as well as band classes.  We teach all ages and levels, from novice to advanced, and offer flexible times to accommodate busy schedules. Lessons take place in the multi-room studio at 812 East Gutierrez. Teachers may also be able to accommodate a special request to hold the lessons in your own home, depending on availability.

While we emphasize a strong classical music approach (technique, reading, theory), we teach all styles with a focus on using a student's natural motivation to learn an instrument.  If a student is motivated by a specific artist, we will use a specific piece or song to teach technique.

Individual Lessons. Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Drums. For individual instruction, we see students once- to twice-per-week for half-hour, fourty-five, or hour-long lessons. At the introductory lesson, teachers will assess which level of time and practice frequency will work best for each student. 

Band Lessons. Our band program includes weekly hour-and-a-half group lessons with the entire band in the evenings and takes place Monday-Friday. We arrange individual students into bands based on skill and age and offer coaching for established bands. We provide all necessary equipment. DeTar Music can help arrange gigs for bands to perform in local festivals and venues, where teachers are available to help set up and sound check. Bands also have the opportunity to record their songs in DeTar Music's professional recording studio. Recordings are provided as a digital download to all band members. 

Summer Rock Band Camps. The summer is an exciting time at DeTar Music Studios, when Summer Rock Band Camps meet from 9am-12pm! Each camp is 2 weeks long and culminates in a performance in a local venue. 

Recitals. Recitals are offered twice a year for both individual lesson students and bands. The Winter Recital typically takes place in December and Spring Recital in May. These offer a unique opportunity for students to perform in a local venue and provide a culminating goal for performance of what they've learned over the year. 

Please Contact Us to schedule an introductory lesson, audition for bands or Summer Rock Band Camp, and/or studio tour.

Band Program Recordings

Student bands recorded at DeTar Music Studios 


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